Mid Island Animal Hospital

4360 Northlake Blvd
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410



Our History

In 1961 Dr. Robert Halperin established Mid Island Animal Hospital.  He converted an old house into the office on Old Country Road.  The practice was an immediate favorite of the community and started growing rapidly.  Soon after the hospital was started Nassau County developed plans to widen Old Country Road and make it a major thoroughfare.  Because the original building was located on the soon to be widened road, it had to be removed.  Luckily there was enough property behind the building to create a modern state of the art facility.  Dr. Halperin built the new hospital with knowledge, foresight and with hope for a growing future. The new building was completed in 1966 and is in use today.

In 1981 Dr. Mitchell Kornet came to Mid Island as an associate veterinarian.  By 1982 Dr. Halperin decided to retire and Dr. Kornet took charge of the hospital in 1983.  Since that time Dr. Kornet has made many changes to the hospital.  Hours were expanded to accommodate the  many working people in the community.  Medical technology expanded and veterinary medicine was part of the information revolution that is still going on today.  Mid Island Animal Hospital embraced the changes and was one of first animal hospitals to computerize and add high tech equipment such as electronic anesthesia monitors and diagnostic ultrasound.

The importance of the human-companion animal bond has been recognized and pets have become an integral part of our lives.  Since Dr. Kornet became director of Mid Island Animal Hospital the number of doctors on staff has increased to five.  In addition, there are over 20 staff members who make sure that the patients of Mid Island Animal Hospital receive the highest quality of compassionate care.


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